Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Commonwealth v. M.N. (Warrants, Faillure to Attend A.R.D. Hearing)

Commonwealth v. M.N. (Warrants, Failure to attend A.R.D. Hearing)

A former Client who was offered admission into the A.R.D. Program failed to appear at a scheduled A.R.D. Hearing before Judge Gallo. A Warrant was issued and Client faced the possibility of having his A.R.D. offer revoked, which meant that Client's case would proceed to trial and he would risk having a conviction of these charges on his record.
Client was charged with:

75§3736§§A - Reckless Driving

Parents of this Client contacted Attorney Paletta for assistance with the situation. Attorney Paletta explains to Parents & Client that this is a very urgent matter since an active Warrant exists. With an active Warrant, Client risks being picked up in his home state and held in jail until Allegheny County makes transportation arrangements to pick him up and transport him to the Allegheny County Jail. Parents of Client retain Attorney Paletta to help resolve this situation. Attorney Paletta then met with the District Attorney's Office and was able to negotiate re-admission into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (A.R.D.) Program. Arrangements were made to accelerate the process and work everything out so that Client was able to travel into Pittsburgh and accomplish everything in one trip. Attorney Paletta managed to arrange it so that upon arriving in Pittsburgh, Client would turn himself in on, go before a Judge to have the Warrant lifted, and finally go before Judge Gallo to be formally re-accepted into the A.R.D. Program.