Tuesday, January 24, 2017

General Tips & Information for Clients

Below I have included general tips and information for Clients to keep in mind throughout the court process.

It is very important to keep in mind that you should NOT discuss any of the facts of your case with anybody other than your Attorney. This means that if anyone, including friends and family ask you about the facts of your case you should not discuss it with them. If Investigators or Detectives of a Police Department contact you in any way, you should immediately inform them that you have an Attorney. It is important that you pass along your Attorney's contact information to the Investigator or Detective and explain that your Attorney advised you that you should not discuss anything without them being present. You should then immediately contact your Attorney and inform them of the situation and pass along the contact information of the person attempting to discuss your case with you. Your Attorney will most likely handle all communication with this person from this point forward.

You should keep your Attorney informed of any new information that you receive on your case. In addition, any new charges or changes in status of a pending case should be reported as well. Should your telephone number or address change, your Attorney will need to know immediately.

Keep a documented log or journal include any photos of events surrounding the events leading up to your case as well as your version of events from the incident resulting in charges. It is best to do this as close to the date of incident as possible so that the information is still fresh in your memory. Photograph anything that relates to your case including vehicle damage, injuries, accident sites, etc. It is important that you are active in the defense of your case. If your Attorney advises you to attend any meetings or do any specific requirements, you must provide written proof of these things being completed.

When appearing in court

Always show the Judge and any Officer of the Court respect. Your appearance should also be neat. Attire is always Business like. This means no shorts, tank tops, or any clothing that is revealing.