Thursday, October 13, 2011


Search Warrant Defense Attorney in Pittsburgh

Criminal Lawyer Joseph A. Paletta

Can I still defend against searches with a warrant?

Yes, you can defend against a search that was made pursuant to a warrant.  A defense attorney can help you do this.
For example, it could be shown that the search was illegal because the search warrant itself was flawed because it failed to specifically describe the places to be searched or the items to be seized.  Or, it could be shown that the warrant was executed in a flawed manner because it lacked "probable cause" supported by sworn affidavits.  "Probable cause" means a reasonable belief, based on the surrounding facts and totality of circumstances, that an illegal activity was occurring or that evidence of a crime was present.
Joseph Paletta can render assistance in defending such cases, and he will aggressively fight for the protection of your constitutional rights.
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